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Improve retention with customized job levels for each department that help employees navigate their career path and development within your organization. Employees will clearly see their growth opportunities.


View real-time global market data and build a competitive compensation structure. Various stakeholders can access compensation ranges whether it’s for recruiting, promoting, retaining, or budgeting. Use the right blend of art and science to establish competitive and fair compensation.


Intuitive functionality to help you simplify and complete your compensation reviews 4X faster than traditional methods. Various data points all in one place for leaders to make the best decisions for salary, bonus, commission, and equity compensation. We guide users through each step in the process.


Gain valuable insights into your employees’ compensation to proactively budget effectively in order to win the war for talent. Build better budgets that align with your compensation strategy and philosophy for various stakeholders (HR, Finance, leaders, Board).

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Automated and intuitive

Self-serve tool for managers

Real-time market compensation data

Customized career paths

Competitive compensation ranges

Efficient cash and equity modeling

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  • Package A
  • Standard
    • Career Paths
    • Market Compensation
  • Package B
  • Plus
    • All features from Standard
    • Compensation Reviews
  • Package C
  • Premium
    • All features from Plus
    • Budgeting and Modeling